Ooh, how lovely!

I received the notification, and was pretty excited to receive a Liebster Award Nomination. It is such a pleasure to be recognised by a fellow blogger. Especially as my blog is a youngling, I feel so appreciated  It’s just so encouraging and lovely that someone  has taken note of my ramblings. So thank you, Mark Woodring; http://myownlittleshadow.wordpress.com.


I read up on the Liebster Award, because being newbie to the blogging world I didn’t know what it was. But was intrigued.  It allows for bloggers all over  to connect with others of their own kind. It allows for the discovery new blogs to follow and also  a way to show our support for the blogs that we think are absolutely fabulous. Following Mark’s example as they are many ways to conduct this, eleven facts about my fine self, answer the questions posed and chose eleven equally awesome equally awesome bloggers to present the award to. So, as some might see it as chain mail (gah, I hated that as a kid…Oh, I was always on the brink of death) I see it as a way to spread the love and respect around the blogsphere. So, here goes with the eleven random facts.

1) My name is French and means womanly. Well, I don’t mind if it doesn’t.

2) I have never dyed my hair, I love the colour but have considered purple streaks every now and again.

3) I currently have 8 piercings, all in the ears but want to get more. Mwahaha mum!

4) I also have a small tattoo on my wrist. A star I got the day after my A-level result. I too would like more of those but not yet.

5) I have constantly worn nail varnish  for the past three years.

6) I achieved a black-belt in karate at the age of 15.

7) I am a fresher at the moment at Bournemouth University, and lets just say life can’t get much better.

8) I am obsessed with the colour purple, my bedroom is proof of that.

9) I didn’t cry when JLS broke up, despite being a massive fan and will have seen them at all four of their arena tours.

10) I also have an unhealthy obsession with stars.

11) As per, jewellery.

I hope you enjoyed the little insight into my life, my lovelies. Now for the eleven questions Mark sent me.

1. Paper or plastic? Paper; where else would I put the drafts of my scribblings first.

2. Dog or cat? Cats; I was scared of dogs when I was younger. Plus, cat videos are awesome!

3. SEC football: hype, reality, or “what the hell’s the SEC?”  What the hell is SEC?! Plus, I detest football.

4. Novel or short story? Novel; despite my on writings, nothing beats a good ol’ novel.

5. Fox or CNN? I’m from the UK so don’t get either but because I absolutely love The Simpsons, Fox.

6. Your house is burning. You can only grab one book before its too late. What do you take? I’d take my kindle, best of both worlds baby! I do love the feel of the book though. I couldn’t chose.

7. Did Oswald act alone? I presume we are talking about the assassination of JFK. He must have superpowers or something if he did.

8. Biggest impediment to your writing? Not having the speed to write all my ideas down at the same time. Damn my normal human abilities.

9. Ron Paul: bat-shit-crazy or crazy-like-a-fox? I don’t know who he is, so can not have an opinion on him, sorry.

10: Favorite author? Don’t make me chose, you monster!  I used to be infatuated by Jacqueline Wilson and Meg Cabot. At the moment I’m loving Carrie Jones and Scott Westerfeld.

11. Did you even get this far down the list before you went “this is stupid”? I really enjoyed answering the questions actually, apart from the few where I was like, what?! Stupid, no. Awesome, yes.

 So now my turn to pose the questions and turn the tables, mwahahahahaha. I thought long and hard over these. I wanted to make sure I picked the right bloggers, the ones that deserve the most credit. All you people have made me shake my butt in joy (yeap, savour that mental image) by a message, or a like I received. Or, that I have just found your post very entertaining. Don’t forget, you are all awesome! In no particular order,
Briony Jane/Online Adventures http://brionyjane.com/
Megan/The War in my Brain http://meganhasocd.com/
Random Questions for Wonderful People
1) Love at first sight, or grow to love?
2) Peeta or Gale
3) Casual or Smart
4) Beach or Forest
5)Adventure or Relaxation
6) Fact or Fiction
7) Long hair or Short
8) Sweet or Savoury
9) One item on a desert island
10) Saturday or Sunday
11) Being Fabulous or Keeping it Simple
Now, you don’t have to answer, or reply to this (although it would be awesome). This is just a post, and award, to say I appreciate your blogs. Keep it up!

7 thoughts on “Ooh, how lovely!

  1. Good answers! Yes, some of the questions are a bit out there, I’ll admit. That’s just me being me, I’m afraid, but I’m starting to think that that’s why people read my blog!

    Interesting tidbits about yourself, as well. MyOwnLittleShadow is also just a youngling: I only started it in March of this year. Let’s both keep up the (good) work!

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