Taking a Leaf: All Our Yesterdays


Oh wow.
That was so much better than I expected. Time travelling can go one of two ways, depending how complex the author wanted to malke it. I thought I was going to get throughly confused and off track due to the plot but oh my did it just pan out beautifully. The twists were brilliant, even if I could guess them plenty before, I didn’t care because the way it presented wanted to make me carry on reading.
And damn do I love a book that does that.
Em and Finn, I want to read about you again!


Taking a Leaf: Cracked.


Hmm, okay. With what started off a bit rough, and character tough as hell to get on with – if you don’t mind the pun – the development of the story and characters themselves left this book in my good books. Although, the change of characteristics may have happened a little too fast, it allowed me to enjoy the reading, as opposed to hating everything that was created by Meda. Which I suppose is good as that is how she is meant to make you feel at first, but a little contrast or seperate narrative voice may have made her easier to get along with and read about at the beginning. The concept, however, was pretty good and I enjoyed that aspect of it. I am not however, rushing and eager to read the next book. If it happens to cross my path though, I may be inclined to pick it up.

Halloween Beauties and Horrors

Once again, this year I thought I would try out five different Halloween make-up that I have loved this year. I had tones of fun creating these beautiful *ahem* creations, I genuinely forgot how much I love creating someone totally new. Armed with just the contents of my make up bag – colours eye shadows at the ready – and an hour to spare, see my five favourite Halloween make-up designs this year. Rawr.

Egyptian Goddess

picture037Or Cleopatra. The same thing really. Eye-liner at the ready, don’t be afraid to go overboard with it. With a colour of your choice cover your entire lid in block. Sweep a thin, black line, from the corner to the outer of your eye, emphasising the flicks at both the inner and outer edge. The cat-eye look totally rocks with this look. Sweep another line underneath the outer-corner flick for higher definition. And if you want to experiment, create flick and swirls under your eye too. Using black liquid eye liner again block out your eyebrows. Then finally cover your lips in a gold eye-shadow, for the era-descent look. A look fit for a queen.

Popping the Art

picture040For a different and unique take on a magnificent art movement, look no further. Apply a base foundation and apply eye make up as normal – the minimalistic the better so to not to detract. Underneath one eye smudge some blue eye shadow and outline it with black eyeliner. Draw around your prominent features, such as nose, lips and jaw line to define them. Dab some white eye line in the corner of your mouth to give your lips that cartoon look. Then, for your face to really ‘pop’, place dots all over it. A visual of pure art.

Wounds Galore

picture045Whether you’ve been in the wars with a wild animal, or had a weapon mishap there is no need for special effects make up in order to achieve a realistic wound. Cover one eye in purple and black eye shadow blended in, and rub black eye shadow under the other eye. The tired look is more effective With a pink – yes, pink or red eye shadow if you prefer – dab the outline of your intended wound. No neatness is needed here, Dab a bit of black through it, but not too much. Then, use a red lipstick to rub over the centre of the ‘wound’ for the shiny, fresh look. Line softly with eye liner pencil around the wound, but not too sharply. To finish it off, go around the edges with concealer to blend with your skin. These beauties allow for wounds anywhere – across the face, over the mouth. Even claw marks down the side of you face. Ouch.

Midnight Alien

picture042A little bit different, and a hell of a lot weird right here. Don’t want the typical costume? Try any interpretation of an alien. Now, my drawing skills are not amazing, but I wanted eyes. And lots of them. In the centre of my forehead, and later my checks in the same way, I draw and circle, encased by another circle, surrounded by an oval. The smallest circle I filled in with black eye liner and the other circle filled with eye shadow. In this case blue eyed baby. Then, I cover my own lid with the same blue eye shadow, edged it with a darker blue and them blended on the outside with a white. Using the white eye shadow again, I blended it down the centre of my nose and along my cheekbones – and above the eyes. I covered it over my lips, then went over them in the same blue as the eyes. A creepy looking, but totally different Halloween alien.



This is terrible. I adore the idea, but my execution is just horrendous. Inspired by American Horror Story, I tried to recreate a very basic skull on my own face, but as you can see it went terribly wrong. I think I just need practice though. A white base is needed for this, or in my case a VERY light foundation. Using black eye shadow – it is easier to spread rather than eye liner – I encased my eyes and nose in black. Using an eye liner I shaped the top of the eyes, near the eyebrow and around my temple. I then drew squares to replicate teeth and hollowed my cheeks with black shadow again. Extremely cool when executed right, but looks oh so wrong on me. But I love it too much not add to my list.


Looking awesome, feeling fabulous. This list is just what Halloween is about. I love it.





Taking a Leaf: Web of Darkness.

Hot damn.
That was pretty intense. I’d heard awesome reviews and it definitely lived up to it’s expectation. The amount of times I was left on the edge of my seat, needing to know the next steps. And that ending. No way! Everything I adore about an ending.
Bali Rai, bravo. I need to pick up more of your books.

Taking a Leaf: The Hunt.

That took me so long to read.
I just didn’t feel like reading, so would only read a couple of pages at a time. Whilst the concept was interesting, and it did get to that at the end, I felt it was slow to get going. I did enough learning about this futurist world, I just didn’t really feel the vibe of the writing.
But I’ve finished it, and despite the cliffhanger I can’t say I’ll be picking up the next book.